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This program is not about becoming Disney, but rather, learning to think how Walt Disney Parks and Resorts thinks, and adapting those principles to Empower your own Hearing Care practice.

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Your Disney Institute facilitator sets the stage for how you will re-imagine Empowering for Exceptional Service. Beginning with an interactive and engaging discussion then later in the program, you will experience a hands-on activity at Magic Kingdom® park.

What makes Disney different from other companies? You will learn how Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is intentionally focused on details to create magical guest experiences and fosters an enhanced experience for guests.

You will be introduced to the Disney Institute chain of excellence — the time-tested principles and management practices that drive sustained business results. You’ll examine the traits and behaviors essential to great leadership. By knowing the traits and behaviors of great leaders you can more fully appreciate the definition of leadership in terms of actions.

It’s important that leaders at all levels of an organization make an effort to be seen and not become detached from what’s happening in the organization. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts leaders ensure that the vision and values of the Walt Disney Company are established, operationalized, and sustained on a daily basis through a “leader walk.” Disney cast members are empowered to go above and beyond to create magical experiences for guests.

Measuring results is important yet, it is equally as important to focus on the demonstration of values when building an organization for the long term. Disney Institute introduces you to their accountability matrix used to measure business results against the alignment of personal and organizational values.

Disney Institute shares how important it is to deliver exceptional service throughout the entire customer experience and creating an emotional connection to service. Through introspection and adaptation, you’ll consider what now know about service and a leader’s role in service.

Following the exclusive guided excursion into the Magic Kingdom Park® you’ll discuss what you observed and learned during the field experience. You will consider how the practice relates to the vision and values of the company and the leaders along with the link back to your practice.

Way beyond standard employment benefits you will recognize how genuine care pertains to the intentional concern for the well-being of your staff and know you care about them as people. Care is about engaging the heart—creating a culture of commitment versus compliance.

In closing you’ll consider what you’ve learned during the program and how you may want to incorporate that knowledge into your practice and your staff’s roles.

Empowering for Exceptional Service


Explore How Excellent Customer Service Can Empower Every Organization. Exceptional service is achievable for every organization because exceptional service is based on systems and processes that you control. Excellent service is also the result of truly understanding your customers’ expectations. When an organizational framework properly unites its people, place, and processes by putting the customer at its core, exceptional service becomes possible across all customer touch points.

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